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thought id introuduce myself before i go on lurking! haha

The Basic Questions

♥ Stage name?: Hollie
♥ How long have you been dancing? 2.5 years on & off
♥ Current location?: Shanghai, PRC
♥ Your club or Agency?: have worked in clubs in Australia & Japan
♥ Type of Club/Agency (table top/peep show/out call, etc)?: table top.

The Best & Worst Questions

♥ Best place you have worked?: Lips, Tokyo & Bar 20, Melbourne.
♥ Worst place you have worked?: Mens Gallery, Hobart. 7th Heaven, Tokyo.
♥ Best dancing experience?: its all was fun on your lastnight somewhere! some clubs are such big familys & so sweet!
♥ Worst dancing experience?: probably being arrested at work haha...
♥ Best thing about dancing?: the buzz!! and the costumes
♥ Worst thing about dancing?: the hours, the stigma
♥ Best customer you have danced for?: regulars.. theyre sweeties. i like girls with kinks better though.. not so straight up makes it more fun.
♥ Worst customer you have danced for?: jerks.. i havent had so many so im doing well. and guys who try to grab. yuck.

The Fun Questions

♥ Your 'look' for work?: i'm pretty girly.. pink skirts and school girl costumes pretty much.. i probably play on the baby thing a bit much.
♥ Fave song to dance to?: at the moment ... i love Obsession by Amiel
♥ Fave outfit or costume?: my new little sailor skirt and top haha
♥ Fave shoes?: i have these really comfy wedge ones with cute ties that make my feet look really cute too. theyre not exactly sexy see though stilletos but i love them more than anyshoes iver ever had
♥ Do you do feature shows?: yes! love to... ive done... school girls, cheerleaders, bunnies, girl/girl, french maid.. so far
♥ Do you do pole tricks?: i learnt alot in sydney.... but i kindof verified them into my own and only do them to show off
♥ Have you danced for any one famous?: not really.. :( a guy from home & away haha
♥ Have you danced for any one downright strange?: ofcourse!
♥ The question you wish customers would stop asking?: "whats a nice girk like you doing in a place like this?"
♥ Have you ever worked overseas?:yes
♥ Are you a mean hustler?: no! i totally blow at it

The Serious Questions

♥ If you knew then what you know now, what would be different?: i would have got the RIGHT visa for japan
♥ Where do you see yourself a few years down the track?: gosh who knows... hopefully doing some "grown up" job
♥ Do you tell people about your job?: i'm pretty honast about..... a little awkward. i usually get to the point eventually.
♥ Do you think dancing has helped you learn more about yourself or other people?: yes i dooooo actually. ive made a few good friends & learnt some good people skills...

Other info:

My names actually Melody. I'm 19 years old & live in Shanghai China right now :)

i dont dance anymore (at the moment). im a cam girl.
i just wanted to check what your all up to!

i know a little bit about the scenes in tokyo, hong kong, sydney, melbourne, hobart & about webcam work too if anyone has any questions for me! i mostly just filled this out for fun...

heres a picture too! all naked with dirty feet :)
haha i hope i know/have met someof you.. that would be funny!

Image hosted at!

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