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Club Review, Perth

Voodoo Lounge, Northbridge.
I went in on Wednesday night, at 8 pm as requested. The dance manager wasnt there yet, and didnt arrive until around 845.

This SHOULD have been a warning sign.

The club layout is small, but excellent, I would have really enjoyed working there, and from the custie reviews I have heard its one of the nicest places in town.
House fees are $20 a night if you work wed-sat,and go up $10 for each night you DONT work ie if you only worked Sat it would be $50, but Fri-sat is $40 each.
Dance prices are $50 for 15 minutes, in a section off the "members area" in full veiw of the club (by law?)

So tonight I arrive at 7 (as requested), full hair and makeup, nice dress etc. I sat in the car for 30 minutes then tried the door buzzer. No answer. I messaged a manager who I originally spoke to, and he said "sorry babe, we have closed up to go and have showers at home, go have a coffee"

So I wait, and wait.

After being harrassed and propositioned for prostitution (Well I *Did* look like a call girl, in the full stripper outfit) I moved to the opposite street corner.
I waited 1 hour, then tried to find out where the management was.

No answer.

I called hubbie for a ride, and after waiting 1.5 hours, I finally left, with no reply as to WHEN they would be opening the place.

TWO HOURS after I was supposed to be there, I get a call saying "where are you?"

I was already home and showered/changed by that stage.

According to a friend who has since quit there, this is quite common.

Im really disappointed as I loved the set up there, and saw excellent money potential, but I dont htink its worth the messing around.

So if you want to risk wasting time and money waiting for this club to get its act together, feel free to give them a buzz!
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