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Waxing tips

I am not sure if this is the right forum for this, and please feel free to remove it if it is not however...

I am very new to waxing, and had a rather sad experience with it today. I applied some silly numbing agent 15 minutes before hand [Im not sure it did much but maybe it helped a bit?], and used one of those microwave, no cloth waxing kits. I got about 4 strips done before I couldnt go any further and resorted to shaving to make things more even.

3 Hours later, the spaces i waxed at still very unhappy--red dots [there was some bleeding at the time, which I staunched with paper towels soaked in witch hazel directly after removing the wax and for an hour afterwards] and general irritation. I am concerned that these may decide to become very annoying pimples down the road [to avoid this I washed the area with 2 different creams & a scrub beforehand, and afterwards used a combination of shea oil & sea salt and another cream, followed some regular lotion & lotion w a bit of salyric acid in it to prevent breakouts].

So, I'm wondering--do actual salon have some super techniques or magical ointments to avoid this kind of thing, or is one just simply screwed? Do folks who do this at home have some tips or tricks that can help to make this process easier and less irritating in all ways?

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