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So... as usual we are all a bit quiet... [05 Feb 2010|09:14am]

Hi All... I feel I have to post this.. I have been a long time LJ follower and participant but I had to take my stuff off here for lots of reasons,

I also feel that the stripping industry support network here.. is just a little too quiet.

So Im back.. in an odd way.. but im just not back..here... sorry LJ but I feel I need another blog forum for this,

So for those of you who were following my entries before and are still interested in my writing... come on over here:


Look forward to seeing you all there, and best of luck to everyone else. Again... sorry LJ.
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Australian GLBTI Mardi Gras this Saturday: SEX WORKERS AND SUPPORTERS FLOAT - all the info you need! [26 Feb 2008|11:47am]

Hi there beautiful cats and kittens!!

Here is ALL the information you will need for the sex worker float in this Saturday's triumphant GLBTI QUEER MARDI GRAS MARCH!


Please read through this CAREFULLY as it contains IMPORTANT info!!!! And feel free to distribute it widely throughout your friends and networkers - remember, ALL sex workers and supporters are welcome and encouraged to join us!

Ok a couple of FAN FACTS first:

* This is the biggest parade EVER. They are at ABSOLUTE CAPACITY with 10,000 people marching! Holy cow!
* This is the world's largest nighttime parade
* If you lined up all the entrants (150) it would be about 4.6km in length!
* Although the parade starts at 8.00pm the floats at the end of the parade won't leave their position in "Start" until 10.00pm! (don't worry we're not at the end!)
* The audience will be over 150,000 people.

Now, the sex worker float is in Block E. So, not too far from the start at all. Block A departs at 7.45pm so, if all goes to plan we should start marching around 8.30 - 9.00pm.

Here is what you MUST KNOW.
* Our colour theme is red and we will be carrying red umbrellas which have become an international symbol of sex worker rights. Please bring a red brolley or two (one to share) and carrying red banners. When there is a large collection of umbrellas it's a pretty impressive sight - and the bigger the brolley the more of us there appear to be! Sex worker organisations are welcome to bring their own banners. Touching Base will be marching (and rolling) with us.
* We are meeting from 3.00pm at Scarlet Alliance HQ: 349 CROWN STREET, SURRY HILLS, CNR ALBION AND CROWN. This will give you an opportunity to get ready, chat and make friends, and get "in the mood". We have accessible facilities on the ground floor at this premises.
* We MUST be in our "Start" position by 5.30PM. We will therefore be leaving Scarlet Alliance HQ between 4.45pm and 5.00pm and walking down to the parade start area. Please arrive at Scarlet Alliance HQ no later than 4.45pm.
* Without a wrist band, you WILL NOT be permitted by Mardi Gras officials into the Start area to join us. We will be giving out the wrist bands at Scarlet HQ at 4.30pm. Remember: no wristband, no marching!
* We will be in our start position for about four hours. There are toilet facilities, including accessible toilets (but not many of those unfortunately) but please bring plenty of food and drink (including water). We do not have a float, so you will not be able to store anything on the back of it, so please don't bring anything you don't want to carry the 4 or 5 kms the parade runs for.
* On the subject of stilettos: twice now I have done a parade march in five-inch stiletto heels and lemme tell ya: it's MOIDER. Make sure your stiletto heels have a platform, or choose more "sensible" (totally subjective term) footwear. Believe me, you WILL remove them at the end of the march and then your fabulous outfit will be ruined by the absence of footwear. I can proudly say I made it to the end of both marches, but collapsed immediately. (Or wear a fabulously decorated backpack to pack your heels to be pulled out 15 mins before departure!)
* Compliance checks begin at 5.30pm. Mardi Gras are VERY strict about this and say those who disobey the rules will be KICKED OUT and not permitted to march. Therefore,
- Flammables and explosives of ANY type (cigarette lighters excepted)
- Pets/animals (seriously)
- Anything of dubious legality you can't secrete on your person

Now, since Scarlet HQ is very close to the parade area, traffic will probably be heavy. It might be better to take a cab, or use public transport, where possible, rather than fight for a parking spot.

However, if something terrible happens and you are unable to make it to Scarlet HQ before 4.45pm, you can contact one of the following people:

Janelle - 0411 985 135
Elena - 0401 317 102
Elise - 0413 723 205 (that's yours truly)

New Mardi Gras are doing the parade a little differently this year. Since it is impossible to see when you are marching, here's a little outline.
- The Dykes on Bikes will kick off as usual, but then they will go to the back of the parade and ride through again.
- Usually they begin the parade with the biggest float. This year they are kicking it off with the '78ers', those who were there for the first Mardi Gras (in 1978 hence the 78'ers). Then the floats will gradually get bigger and bigger, capping off with an absolute spectacular!
- Margaret Cho is the Chief of Parade this year!


starlet harlot
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Burlesque [02 Nov 2007|10:33pm]

Anyone know how to get into burlesque in Sydney? I work modelling, some stripping. Would love to get some burlesque flavour in there.
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Ladies and stripping [01 Oct 2007|02:17pm]

Ok - have another stupid question. Ladies - if you're working in stripping or dancing, what do you do around that time of the month? Unless everybody does this casual, I don't imagine you just take the week off to deal with it.
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Kings Cross in Sydney... [31 Aug 2007|08:43pm]

does anyone have info on what the scene's like down there atm? Two years ago I know most of the clubs were strip clubs/brothels and you danced on the circuit for a fixed fee while the prostitutes did their own thing... I didn't really mind that system tbh. I talked to some guy who was there recently who told me there's a place called Bada Bing - he said it was a strip club but he could fuck the strippers. !! that seems weird. I'm wondering if it's all like that now, or what...

any info greatly appreciated! thanks girls,, keep it juicy
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Local classes [15 Aug 2007|07:21pm]

This community is pretty much dead it seems, but I've a question for anyone reading. I'd really like to actually do it this time, but am not sure which spot is considered better : Bobbi's or Polestars.
Also, would pole or strip/lap classes be of more use when trying to get into working in this kind of thing?
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Waxing tips [20 Jul 2007|08:42pm]

[ mood | concerned ]

I am not sure if this is the right forum for this, and please feel free to remove it if it is not however...

I am very new to waxing, and had a rather sad experience with it today. I applied some silly numbing agent 15 minutes before hand [Im not sure it did much but maybe it helped a bit?], and used one of those microwave, no cloth waxing kits. I got about 4 strips done before I couldnt go any further and resorted to shaving to make things more even.

3 Hours later, the spaces i waxed at still very unhappy--red dots [there was some bleeding at the time, which I staunched with paper towels soaked in witch hazel directly after removing the wax and for an hour afterwards] and general irritation. I am concerned that these may decide to become very annoying pimples down the road [to avoid this I washed the area with 2 different creams & a scrub beforehand, and afterwards used a combination of shea oil & sea salt and another cream, followed some regular lotion & lotion w a bit of salyric acid in it to prevent breakouts].

So, I'm wondering--do actual salon have some super techniques or magical ointments to avoid this kind of thing, or is one just simply screwed? Do folks who do this at home have some tips or tricks that can help to make this process easier and less irritating in all ways?


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I've a REALLY stupid question [16 Jan 2007|05:27pm]

But I have to ask.
How does the size of your bust figure in dancing? I'm a slender girl already, but I think I've lost more weight :(
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Question [31 Dec 2006|02:54pm]

Hiya, I've a question or two about how to get going into dance.
Those of you who work or have worked in exotic dance, how did you get started? Pole lessons in Sydney are damn expensive on a nurse's wage, and three hours away by train. A friend passed on an ad wanting women for table dancers, but "no experience necessary" immediately screams either scam or filth to me, so I'm a little cautious. How did everyone get into it, just dance in general? I'm interested in the lot.
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Club Review, Perth [16 Dec 2006|09:18pm]

Voodoo Lounge, Northbridge.
I went in on Wednesday night, at 8 pm as requested. The dance manager wasnt there yet, and didnt arrive until around 845.

This SHOULD have been a warning sign.

The club layout is small, but excellent, I would have really enjoyed working there, and from the custie reviews I have heard its one of the nicest places in town.
House fees are $20 a night if you work wed-sat,and go up $10 for each night you DONT work ie if you only worked Sat it would be $50, but Fri-sat is $40 each.
Dance prices are $50 for 15 minutes, in a section off the "members area" in full veiw of the club (by law?)

So tonight I arrive at 7 (as requested), full hair and makeup, nice dress etc. I sat in the car for 30 minutes then tried the door buzzer. No answer. I messaged a manager who I originally spoke to, and he said "sorry babe, we have closed up to go and have showers at home, go have a coffee"

So I wait, and wait.

After being harrassed and propositioned for prostitution (Well I *Did* look like a call girl, in the full stripper outfit) I moved to the opposite street corner.
I waited 1 hour, then tried to find out where the management was.

No answer.

I called hubbie for a ride, and after waiting 1.5 hours, I finally left, with no reply as to WHEN they would be opening the place.

TWO HOURS after I was supposed to be there, I get a call saying "where are you?"

I was already home and showered/changed by that stage.

According to a friend who has since quit there, this is quite common.

Im really disappointed as I loved the set up there, and saw excellent money potential, but I dont htink its worth the messing around.

So if you want to risk wasting time and money waiting for this club to get its act together, feel free to give them a buzz!
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Pole Performers Needed!!! [07 Oct 2006|03:35pm]

Performers needed for Sydney Event!!!

For a fundraiser to raise money for the Breast Cancer Foundation, and we need stars for the evening.

As the evening is a fundraiser all profits from the event will go to the Foundation.

The theme will be “Strength, courage and heart”

We will be able to offer you 1, 2 or 3 poles for your show. We’ll just put them up and take them down as needed.

As you can imagine we’ll be getting quite a bit of press coverage, and this would be great exposure - both for Breast Cancer Foundation and for yourself.

If you can let me know ASAP if you are interested in performing, how long your show will be, how many poles you’d like and how many shows you’d like to do it would be really appreciated.

Please let me know if you are able to attend (as one of our VIPs) and if you would like to be one of our stars by helping to put together a spectacular show for the media and supporters…

You can contact me for further details on performersxxx@hotmail.com
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[21 Aug 2006|11:25am]

hello there,

ive been reading through some of the posts here and i must say im intrigued! why im actually here though is because im working towards my cert iv in makeup art and am doing an assignment on show girls. i dont know whether or not this would be the appropriate place to post but you guys look like you know your stuff. i have tried getting information online but i cant get anything other than the movie 'showgirls' in a google search.
what i really need to know is about your makeup and costume, how long does it take to apply, makeup tips and secrets and where you and others perform etc.
if you are able to help me, my email address is heart.shaped.lips @ hotmail.com or you can reply on here.

thanks ladies, you're all beautiful :)
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Girls wanted [14 May 2006|11:50am]

Since people keep moving to Melbourne ;-) Club X Perth needs more girls!

Interested email me.

Luv Celeste
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Introduction [30 Apr 2006|10:22pm]

Hi everyone,

my name's Wenna, i also post under the journal domino_girl, i'm from sa.

I'm not actually a dancer, i'm just very very interested in it, and interested into maybe getting into it. I'm going to melbourne in a couple of months and thought it would be fun if I could find a place to have my first dance....

anyway! Just wanted to say gday, and i'm looking forward to learning from everyone here :)
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[24 Apr 2006|07:49pm]

apparently theres a questionaireCollapse )
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Newbie in many ways [19 Apr 2006|10:15pm]

Hi all,
I've a question or two, if anyone's still active in here.
Call me naive, but I know next to nothing about dancing at all. I've only just taken up an interest in it, and for starters, have no idea about the differences. I've read that a lot of you strip, so what's the difference between this and say, pole dancing? I'm interested in dancing, not in anything else.
I'm in Sydney, and I'm curious where you actually learn how do do this. Since you're Aussie girls, can anyone near the city point me in a reliable direction? Especially for learning to pole dance? I'm curious as to what else is out there, but I don't want to get involved in things like peep shows. What other kinds of dancing do you all do?
As I said - newbie here. I'm really just feeling about in this area to find out what I'd like to do and where a girl can learn.
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[05 Mar 2006|01:13am]

just wondering whether there's any other adelaide dancers in this community?
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Morals in Stripping Question [29 Jan 2006|07:02pm]


One of our "old girls" has finished her degree and is working as a lower primary school teacher in a small (but nearby) country town. As its our summer holidays she has returned to the city to stay with her parents and has asked for her job back.

The head girl has refused to rehire her as she feels that it is morally wrong to teach small children (and be a "good" role model) and strip at the same time.

What do you think?



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Aussie adult workers site [10 Jan 2006|08:34pm]


Im sure everyone has visited http://www.stripperweb.com/forum/

but check out this site http://www.ausadult.com/adults/ - its specifically for Aussies like us!

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Im soo lazy! [05 Dec 2005|06:35pm]

I did a double shift in the peepshow with another girl on Saturday.

As we are doubling up, we dont use any toys etc for hygiene purposes. So for 6 hours we pretty much danced and stripping, rather than grabbing a toy by the 3rd coin and just sitting there!

Im so unfit, I didnt realise it!

And im one of the more active (and hardcore) performers at work!

Made a killing though, thank Bob!

My last two shifts tomorrow then no more work this year!

Does anyone else only work a few months of the year?
I find it keeps my sanity in place, rather than 4-5 shifts a week 42 weeks a year!
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