- Díbeartach (the_old_soul) wrote in exoticdancer_au,
- Díbeartach

Newbie in many ways

Hi all,
I've a question or two, if anyone's still active in here.
Call me naive, but I know next to nothing about dancing at all. I've only just taken up an interest in it, and for starters, have no idea about the differences. I've read that a lot of you strip, so what's the difference between this and say, pole dancing? I'm interested in dancing, not in anything else.
I'm in Sydney, and I'm curious where you actually learn how do do this. Since you're Aussie girls, can anyone near the city point me in a reliable direction? Especially for learning to pole dance? I'm curious as to what else is out there, but I don't want to get involved in things like peep shows. What other kinds of dancing do you all do?
As I said - newbie here. I'm really just feeling about in this area to find out what I'd like to do and where a girl can learn.
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